Learning to swim

Hey N!

We went to the pool yesterday and guess what? you started swimming!

We got there around 4 pm, and you were wearing your life jacket. You didn't even want to move your legs saying, the scrapes you got earlier in the day hurt.

An hour later you started putting your face under water. Half hour later you began to kick your legs while your face was under water.

You got so excited and fearless. You didn't want to come out of the water. Every time you went further you relaxed more, and your body got flatter to the water surface. You were so cute, and we were so happy for you.

Umma, abba and chin-halmuhnee were there. One day after you turned 6, and you seemed more grown up:) It was a journey for you because it took a while for you to get over your fears. Once you realized you float, and as you got more comfortable being in the water you became more confident.

The same way, I want you to keep swimming in God's presence. It's always easy but it's safe there. The more you swim in His presence, the more you'll witness his great work. As a result you're trust and confidence in his grace and power will grow.

As you face new things in life, be courageous. Do everything with boldness and confidence. Lean on God as He is always with you.