Praying with an honest heart

Hey T!

Last night you prayed the cutest prayer.
We love it, because your prayers are so genuine. Umma and I don't want you to lose that.

We had a birthday party for noona with her friends, so we all had a fun day. You, especially must have thought it was fun because at the end of the night you eagerly asked if you can pray.

You prayed, "Dear God, please help me to turn 4 soon and help my birthday to come fast. In Jesus name, amen."

Umma and I laughed, but loved your honest prayer. Was it self-centered? Yes:) But you prayed what's in your heart and we love that.

Don't ever pray to try to impress us or others who might be listening. God wants your honest heart whether you're in a season of trust, or in a season of doubt or unbelief.
Come as you are my man, come as you are. God knows your heart.