St. Blacktrick's day


You crack me up! Love your humor.

I came back from photographing a wedding so I wearing an all black outfit. It was St. Patrick's Day, so you were wearing green. You saw me and said, "Why aren't you wearing green? It's not St. Blacktrick's day!"

You witty little girl:)

Love you,



Spelling test #1

Hi N

Every week umma gives you a spelling test using, "Spell to Write and Read" by Wanda Sanseri.

One day, while she was waiting she decided to use all 20 words on your test to make a sentence. She now has a long list of sentences she came up with, and they make me laugh. So I'll post some of them here periodically, just for fun:)

Here's one I like.

The words in BOLD are the words from your test.

It's crazy how the white thing hurt its foot on a cut stone holding a paper roll, and its dance was so fun that the newspaper gave a page to the thing to advertise a free show to give after he came back, as a thanks to the sick people and to lift their spirits.  


Dr. Seuss' birthday, and playing with Oobleck

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, umma made green eggs for breakfast, we made and played with Oobleck, and read a bunch of Dr. Seuss books today.

One of the highlight was putting the massage machine under the pan, and watching Oobleck come alive and dance! You all thought it was gross but fun at the same time.

The last book I read to you before bed time was Fox in Socks. It was actually my first time reading that one, and I like it. You all enjoyed it too, and noona did a good job reading the tricky parts.

Enjoy the video of you guys playing with Oobleck!

Love you,